Our staff

Consists of the following professional groups:


Engineer of industrial installations and pipelines


project implementation/calculation

quality management

quality supervision

acceptance of welding control


Construction site manager/assembly head

construction management and staff coordination in collaboration with customer


Specialist welder

welding supervision oriented to practice



independent managing a team of employees



Many years of experience in construction of pipelines, power plants, steel structures and machinery.

Quality Welding WIG, E, MAG, MIG, P91, P92, welding procedures for material groups 5,6 and 8.

welder vertical welds, mirror welding, "cladding" welding.


Installation fitter:

Reliable reading complex drawings ISO

piping fitters/ fitters/machine constructors
independently replica rolex working, motivated fitters with long experience in construction of piping, power plants, boilers, steel structures and machinery.